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Facts About Mummies That Will Blow Your Mind

KKKNatural mummification on, without any operation, it was only valid for the types mummified corpse remained intact due to the conditions in the place where the dead, artificial mummification, so the rule of embalming art, dry climate of the land of the Nile, was the result of the germ-free air and sand. Directly to the sand in the coffin bearing on whether drain and the slightest trace of their internal organs removed, remained intact corpses were found. However embalmed ones, resins, asphalt and used because of a very fragrant oil clinging to them once they have become rotten or amorphous ingots. It thought for a long time in the hands of the Egyptian secret special chemicals found. So far not revealed a true point to point embalming recipe. But today we know that a lot of the different materials used, religious mores that determine the usage of these mystical designs, often mattered more was regarded as material from chemical effects.

mummification art in ancient Egypt was altered over the centuries. black mummies in Memfis’, bone-dry and brittle, yellow grown plants located in Tabriz, bright and often show it to be broken and bent. Herodotus speaks of three kinds of mummification: The first, second three times dearer. The cheapest is the third of which was in accordance with the small pouch officials. from ordinary people that they can not be embalmed, it was left to the body when the destruction. only the external shape of the body could be preserved in the most ancient times. Then he found ways to prevent skin shrinkage. In this way, mummies can be found as recognizable faces.

The dead were prepared generally as follows: First, the brain was removed through the nostrils with the help of a metal hook. Stone abdominal cavity is opened with a knife, was taken internal organs. The internal organs are called “canopy to” attempted was stored in jars or vases. This process then it is time for the dead to be washed and female to be immaculate and salt. He had more than a month in the dead of salt. After it dried. Seventy days of drying Some sources told that more progress. a wooden coffin coffin several times in the process (usually in the form of the human body) was placed in a stone sarcophagus. Hands folded over the chest or abdomen or arms were extended throughout the body since. Abdomen, to settle clay, sand, resin, sawdust, it was filled with items such as cloth tangles. These fragrant materials were well mixed. He next stage was to wrap the dead with linen bandages and cloth.

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