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Ways to Manage Low Back Pain at Home

kamar dardBack problems especially in developed countries has become a major problem. For this reason we care a great deal to back health. Otherwise, this pain will be inflicted a negative impact on our lives and the loss of labor. As in many diseases of the back pain not to be afraid of being late. What causes back pain?
the cause of back pain is muscle strain our backs on both sides of the spine. This is the most important cause of stress stress. When we are stressed, our first neck muscles stretched. This stress results in the “C” is similar to the cervical spine is flattened, shoulders and back nerves to the output shrinks, nerves remain under pressure. This stretched the muscles in the back with pressure. We hear so pain. Prolonged strained state of the muscles leads to muscle lumps. So we call in medicine leads to formation of fibrosis.
This fibrosis in the slightest fatigue, the result of heavy lifting, under air conditioning or fan creates pain in long stay, we get unbearable pain. without being aware of our humps to reduce the muscle tension in the back, we now turn to the elderly living in the last period.This pain and suffering for a long time, take the palm palms medicine, doctor to doctor, they walk around, they get lifetime pessimism, thinking they can not get rid of the pain.
How to treat back pain? First it should determine the cause of our pain. Does our neck pain, or back muscles caused money from another is to be determined is whether the illness.

Then it’s time to loosen the back muscles. Muscle relaxants and local effective creams (this ointment thoroughly heated by feeding the grinding must take at least ten minutes after the towel should be applied warm with a hot water bottle or hair dryer) is used; but only drug therapy is not sufficient. Absolute physical therapy or alternative (massage, manipulation, neural therapy, acupuncture, soft laser) should be applied. Fibrosis and should be individually identified and destroyed.

stressor in conjunction with physical therapy should be abolished. If possible, make fundamental changes in the factors that fueled the stress of the patient’s life, to go on vacation, it is quite useful to distinguish more time to hobbies. If these changes would be beneficial not enough to get the help of a psychiatrist or psychologist.

To strengthen the muscles of the back end of the treatment recommended by your doctor is required to exercise in. If necessary environment to swim backstroke is Turkey’s good exercise. Sun, sea, warm sand, spas are very helpful. It is necessary to be protected from the cold as possible. enjoy the video and share it with your friends.


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