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How to Live a Happy Life


We’re constantly bombarded with messages about what makes for a good life. Advertisers tell us it comes from owning and consuming their products. The media associate it with wealth, beauty or fame. And politicians claim that nothing matters more than growing the economy. But do any of these things really bring lasting happiness?Scientific research conducted around the world; It is trying to find the formula for happiness. In recent years, happiness, joy of life and often declining to issue a positive scientists, brought forward suggestions to beautify life. That advice …

According to research published in Psychological Bulletin; not for yourself, spend money to other people, you will feel better about yourself. The happiest people, according to research revealed that the biggest donors; by making a donation and you can catch the happiness of giving money to others.

Professor of the University of Pennsylvania; The people who pass them happy every night of the three best things in mind, proved to be happier than others. The important thing is that makes you happy is not necessary; Your wife, your favorite dessert even remember getting enough to be grateful.

Studies; Participating in adventure, living new experiences and revealed that the happier the people who change their routine. to try new things, it warns brain waves.

Psychologist Jonathan Freedman, who put their short or long-term objectives, claims to be happier than those without. University of Wisconsin, Richard Davidson, “I work for a purpose, activates positive emotions”
According to a new study carried out; people of faith, much more satisfied and happier with their lives than those without. Assoc. Bruce Headey, 25-year as a result of his research at the University of Melbourne; believers, they avoid the career and emotional concerns appeared to be more stable. A study conducted in the UK; at least 6 hours and 15 minutes of uninterrupted sleep per day, revealed that happy people.A study by the University of Nottingham; At least 10 of the adults that they have a good friend, he revealed that happier than those with five or fewer close friends. According to the study; To feel happier, we need to expand our circle of friends.


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