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How does the toilet in airliner work!

A healthy person average of 7 times a day using the toilet. Or in an airplane? Certainly the length of the flight, the passenger-eaten by domestic and metabolism determines this number. After refreshments and use the toilet begins to increase rapidly approaching aircraft landing. an average of 4 minutes from the time on the toilet.
Toilet designs are increasingly in recent years become more useful. Lighting system, photocell-operated taps, details like the lids of trash are preferred by many airlines. Or the boss ‘can make the aircraft toilet mercenaries’ can also be discussed in public for days.
WHAT MOST is reduced
Pocket your glasses falling from clogging the system, it can be caused to remain off the toilet. most diapers from clogged toilets, passport, watch and wallet were passed. for example, that the system is resistant titanium is used in aircraft of the Airbus A380 pipe. Tests conducted on the vacuum system seems to work correctly in spite of reduced battery pen toilet.
There forgotten in a toilet. Dentures first. the high rate of mobile phones. But the most interesting of which were gold bullion last year. Which unknown or forgotten by passengers but $ 1 million worth of gold ingots toilet Airways owned aircraft was found.
The most awkward questions
Syphon Are PASSENGER: Coming siphon vacuum system working with one of the most frequently asked questions about the aircraft toilet. vacuum system is used in the toilet for maximum cleaning with minimum water. 160 kilometers per hour when the button is pressed rapidly engulfing everything. One third of the water used by the siphon system loaded onto the plane. vacuum system gets swallowed up by almost half a cubic meter of air in each keypress.
What happens if you press the button accidentally sitting on the toilet flush? In 2002, the events of American Airlines ridden overweight passengers sitting in the closet and stuck with buttons.
When she opened the door to the toilet for passengers leaving the cabin crew encountered several minutes stuck in the toilet seat passengers. Landing passenger completes the toilet, the technical team was rescued by a simple intervention. Passengers did not experience any health problems except panic.
TOILET IS in drinking water: Water is printed after the plane passed through a special filter. However, for the use of water. Drinking is a good idea.
WHY HAVE ASHTRAYS: no smoking on airplanes. But there are ashtrays in the bathroom. Some passengers entering the toilet to smoke on long flights. As soon as you close your Smoke alarm system is starting to give warning. This situation is causing many passengers to panic a fire by throwing burning cigarettes into the trash where the toilet paper. Even in Canada have a smoke in the toilets of passengers in the accident that occurred in 1987 and was on fire after throwing cigarette butts from the fighting. This win after aviation authorities made it necessary to put all the aircraft toilet ashtray.
WC OUTSIDE DOOR OPENS MI: Cabin officers can be opened when needed.
WASTE GOING WHERE: As general belief, not thrown down the plane. Waste drawn by private car after landing and is given to sewage after treatment.

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