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Amazing Swimming Pool, Incredible!

Where people swim, enjoy the beautiful time spent, the rest, steel or concrete structures. The pool water; chlorinated and treated water supply is, is supplied from wells. That is why, we use chemicals to keep the pool water should be used to first form. But it is not enough just to chemicals in the pool water. The construction of the pool is also an issue involving a great deal of important issues. which will be used in the construction, stone, size, depth and the system is very important. Scroll down to the swimming pool construction options with let’s see …

Overflowing pool: Pollution on the surface so the top of the water and remove the layer below it. These impurities overhead shuttles providing the most direct route with the help of the channels are sent back to the system. Water overflowing the weir, so the overflow, after the overflow goes into the main artery and the artery of balance here. If the balance of the water artery fokulasyo, filtration, chlorination and pH adjustment made will be sent back to the pool.
Skimmer pool: Surface wiper system, which means it is. It is advantageous to use the pools, for less. This contaminated water on the surface by the system, is based on the absorption of many different systems. ‘Skimmer’ is the name of the material used for this. Extraction of the filter are not directly connected to the balance tank in this system because the skimmer. Filtering the impurities on the surface of the swimming pool skimmer technique is well suited for absorbing and low cost.
* Coating: it can be coated as a liner or glass mosaic. The system for prefabricated swimming pools ceramics, glass mosaic-like material used in the coating.
* Construction period: Classical reinforced concrete shear curtain, built medium-sized manufacturing time the pool was around 10-15 days, making prefabricated pool system lasts up to 1 day.

Pools in Turkey in general are chlorinated pools. Very little is made of reinforced pool ozone disinfection. The swimming pool has four basic chemicals approved by the ministry of health care. The first essential ingredient is a balancing PH. It is also commonly used for lowering the pH. Because the pH of water is usually a parameter showing an upward trend. The second essential ingredient is chlorine. You can use chlorine as dust. There is no harm to health if added to water. The third is the main ingredient algae remover. Liquid water are involved. Our fourth is the basic ingredient liquid flocculants. This material is small, enabling visible particles inserted into the eye so hard to bring together a sand filter. Thus, the water is getting clearer.

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