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Healthy Family Relationships

ikjFamily prepares the ground for fundamental human relations will continue in the future. Ideally, valuable and useful to ourselves, our feelings and needs that we feel is important, is that of a family atmosphere that we can bring them clearly spelled out. Such functional or growing people in a supportive environment, would tend to establish a healthy and open relationships, which can be experienced in almost every family can overcome the usual and accepted generations to specific developmental differences of opinion and conflicts. Unfortunately not all functional or supportive family. Some ourselves unworthy, inadequate, insignificant and even directs to feel guilty, the world, other people and prevent our self-confidence, academic, relational problems can lead our life and identity. You may think you will leave your family problems also behind when you leave home, but most people, even long after they move away from the family environment, the previous problems and emotions experienced as an adult so that it is not different, see whether it can have a satisfying relationship. Understanding your family structure may shed some light on your problem today, there are things you can do to change your own.

cases which are listed below may indicate a dysfunctional family structure: Bad habits / addictions. In the family, drugs, gambling, alcoholism, polygamous sex life, overwork or dependencies that could have serious repercussions such as eating passion or the presence of bad habits. Communication problems. To speak of family members with each other, listening to each other, to avoid being together.

Unshared responsibilities. The share of work to be done by family members, resulting confusion or unfulfilled tasks.Physical violence. implementation of physical violence in the family, violence, threat of violence or forced to witness violence, fear of living amid bitter controversy. How your family “normal” to see it as, you work to maintain what they did to your parents, if your family demonstrates many features above and if you feel you frequently in the following situations yourself, there is a situation that requires change is there.

• Being Parties. difficulty in becoming involved in fights between parents.
• Distortions. Actually happened with what is said to contradict each other “deviation from reality” to face the situation. For example, the mother or the father’s past dinner time as a happy horrible contention identification.

• Contempt. ignored because of the thoughts and feelings, or to disregard the criticisms.
• Overload protection. Life’s too much interference in the extreme about the treatment or protectionist.
• Neglect. The extremely distant and indifferent treatment.
• Red / Discrimination. Continuous rejection, exclusion or difference of the treatment.
• Disconnection. Full and inability to establish direct communication.
• encourage crime. And encouraged to use alcohol or drugs of this type tend to not be restricted.
What can young people change in dysfunctional family?
Parents, changes in children, can be seen as a threat against them and blocking their efforts to change and “to return to their original state” can be forced. For this reason, if you come from a family with no functional change to your parents expect you to let you, trust your own instincts and thoughts and show the change in the efforts to maintain a negative legacy.


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