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Some Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Theft And Street thief

thidBelow are measures you can take against motorcycle theft.
1. to random park your engine!
Park where you can determine the fate of your engine. Never leave your motorcycle in a desolate place, the crowd, choose a place where there are other engines. If special motorcycle parking spaces, prefer these places. A deserted street where parking space is as dangerous of a cinema. The thief knows that the time until the end of the session. Restaurant should be used to stop or places like that where there are dense traffic.
2. Expensive motorcycles golden rules that must be obeyed!
Your engine must be secured with two locks; for example, while the other one disc lock padlock them. Professional thieves also specialize in a particular type of lock. Do not use two different locking systems can be a deterrent to thieves.
3. If you hide your valuable engine covering it over the long term parking!
Do not cover your motorcycle with the engine cover provides protection from theft as well as weather conditions.
4. Never leave your bike unlocked only with the handlebar!
We have a very easy motorcycle without additional lock bushes. Each additional separate lock means a waste of time for thieves.
5. Additional locks have different quality and price.
Absolute protection against professional thieves not yet been found, but to complicate the thefts in our hands. Therefore, always use a quality lock and chain; shredder thieves break even they had to deal with for a long time to open these locks. It would spend the time to unlock the rigging or chain increases the risk of theft.
6. Connect your engine with additional lock to a stationary object.
Locks long neck suspension for this or you can use the lock and chain combinations. Do not connect your bike to a fixed object will keep pushing stolen or moved. Professional thieves skateboard or bike trailer with your lock disc for their work will be useless.
7. You can connect multiple engine options as a long chain to a fixed object.
Get the most severe engine midfoot while this process, place it next to the others, and connect all the same chains.
8. Shake sensitive, simple, but effective alarm devices can provide very effective protection for motors and sometimes installs on.
If you are too far from your engine to your trip, but still you are not able to see from your engine will be extremely useful to have such devices.
9. Once the alarm device and begin theft immobilizer is activated action. The action prevents the onset of qualified theft locks and chains.
showing that for a long time should be dealt with locks and chains to steal the motorcycle is the most important barrier against theft. Professional thieves can not see decide whether to face the lock is worth to deal with it.
10. Professional thieves use special tools can easily open many locks as well as iron cutting shears and saws.
Tubular locks with cylinder key causes many professionals smile under the mustache. with the help of a small private key that opens the lock easily. So: Oh, stay away from this lock!
11 high-tech material and high quality locking systems in qualified security product to be used!
Qualified security products carry the approval of an internationally recognized test institute. Indeed, it is necessary to use additional key to perform automobile tested in some of the European countries. Sweden SSF N France, FFMC or SRF, ART in the Netherlands, one of the internationally recognized testing organizations in VAREFAK in Denmark. If these penny how much emblem on the packaging of a product, it can be said that the product is so safe.
12. power from the cold is fatal to some locks!
some applied ice spray quality steels can be shattered in a coup. However, quality products are resistant to ice spray attack and stated in this package.
13 does not prevent the theft of even the highest quality locks you transport your bike!
Highly qualified chain and combination lock is now back or flexible enough to fit in your backpack and small. There are some motorcycle models in the padlock system can be connected under the seat. Chain locks and can often connect to the rear deck.
14. The new, eye-catching, optically modified engines, at first glance it seems to be worthwhile (Harley, like Ducati) attracts the attention of thieves! If you enjoy share it with your friends.


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