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Fascinating facts about elephants


. Traditionally, the Asian elephant and the African elephant is known in two types. Elephants, with six sub-Saharan Africa is located in South and Southeast Asia. Of mammoths and mastodons extinct species such as the one which hosts the proboscidea team remained elephants perpetuate itself today.The male of the African elephant is the largest animal living on land can reach 4 meters long and weighs 7,000 kg. Objects have a long hoses they use while grasping. Very long and carry a sharp incisors, which they use to dig into the object and the Earth. This incisors, which is also used as the source of ivory fighting weapon. large and wide ears of the elephant helps to control body temperature. It becomes larger than the African elephant ears and back is concave. The Asian elephant is smaller ears and the back is convex or flat.

Elephants are herbivores live. Savannah, forest, desert and swamp as they live in their natural habitat. I usually prefer to stay on the water’s edge. The female elephants, a female and her offspring or relatives usually live in family groups consisting of females and cubs. The leader of the group consisting of several females and offspring is the oldest female. family groups composed of elephant from time to time come together to form larger communities.


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