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Hair dye contact allergy

alelrgiWomen dyeing their hair to feel more beautiful and happy can sometimes result in disappointment! Hair coloring and started at a very early age, especially, can result in severe allergic reactions. allergies caused by hair dye; So, redness of the eyelids and behind the ear, skin, pruritus, itching all over the body and can cause payments. book a patch test first to see allergic effects of hair dye can cause serious health problems. If allergic substance detected in the results of the test, choose paint that does not contain this substance. Frequent and longer intervals not to dye your hair with hair dye waiting time that a brief show. Permanent and content is wary of the dye PPD substances.Medical Park Hospital dermatologist Dr .; flourish dream used hair dyes may cause allergic reactions and health warned could cause serious damage:

• Hair; An integral part of our beauty affects the external appearance of the people. Therefore, those who want to make a difference in view, they begin to change the color of the hair first. Change of hair color; people while you feel good, sometimes unwanted side effects may occur due to the paint. increase in allergic disease is detected in recent years due to hair dyes. Hair dyeing process to be started at an early age of the reasons why it’s important.

• hair dyes, hair sticking to the outer surface, are materials that change the color of the hair. Paint, there are different types according to the duration and the hair dyeing mechanism. Permanent, temporary, natural, semi-permanent and there are different kinds of paints to be progressive.

• permanent dyes, today is the most preferred types of paint. The reason it is called permanent; Settlement to make the top layer of paint and can not be removed easily after washing. Recoating process is between 4-6 weeks. Such dyes powder, can be in liquid or cream form.

• Temporary hair dyes; To dye your hair for a special occasion and is an option for those who want to obtain short-term effect. When people wash your hair, paint will be removed from the hair. Risk of causing allergic reactions is very low.
• It is condemned in the most famous natural hair dyes. Very intense color can give this type of paint, the color is determined not restrict them and quickly lost popularity by their hair. The retention time compared to other types of paint henna on the hair is longer.

• Semi-permanent hair dyes are more preferred in order to paint the white hair. Staining is strong and will stay on for longer than temporary hair dye. Depending on the frequency of washing effect continues for 3-6 weeks in the scalp.
• metallic material present in progressive hair dye is responsible for the change in hair color. Shows change in the color of the hair after regular use. They are especially preferred by men in order to lighten the hair color. The most frequently preferred materials lead. The resulting color is permanent, requiring regular use and Disadvantages are limited range of colors.
• any of the ingredients in hair dyes can cause the development of allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. However, this reaction is responsible for the most common substances PPD. In sensitive people, the body of this substance for the second time contact, causes the onset of allergic reactions. After the first contact it does not appear allergic reactions. The second time when it is exposed to an article and remember that it is seen directly reactions.


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