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The best thing about this protection is that it’s absolutely free and comes automatically with every credit card, so there are no additional charges and you don’t have to pay steeper rates of interest to get it. Internet in recent years has attracted attention with highly increasing number of users. In our country, facilitating the lives of people living increase in the number of Internet users help a lot of people in the information and documentation by trapping, but many can also be turned into a nightmare beer in the lives of users. Most people in our age no longer makes transactions over the Internet.
People who do not want to prepare food ordering food, banking operations people who do not go to the bank, so people who want to take the car to the car type. It is easily accessible via the Internet. In short, the Internet has become a virtual world that allows us to husband our house a world fit to phone us and our tablet.
In addition to the opportunity to cheat on the Internet it has facilitated the lives of so many in the same way. Now scammers money from the bank at gunpoint to go to a bank not receiving people without cap-and-run, credit card from the playing etc. They seize their money through the internet. the weaknesses of people at doing these operations are benefiting from extremely well.
Some scams are targeting methods are indeed the purest users. However, some species have not be able to reach easily the difference. There are many internet scams method described in this article. Ultimately no security software can not protect any security organization to have as human knowledge and consciousness.
Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Are now in mass communication and sharing programs that are everywhere in our life has already been entered into our lives. Impostors; Facebook, Twitter, as people in need of social networking sites to steal your mail account is stealing both by providing access to Facebook and Twitter account that is connected to this e-mail account of the person’s account. Then the user is in a difficult situation because of their money by sending messages to friends who are in the social account, the message came to him in order to gain money from the campaign so yes, ask him to send typing. They are defraud the opposite side such as typing messages.
Also a very nice lady or handsome men fake cheat to open Facebook accounts and become friends by sending messages to random people. Once convinced of the opposite people like him begin to experience virtual flirting with the person opposite. Scams as the last money, jewelry and top party destination sends them willingly. Scammers lost then grabbed around these fake accounts.
While members of social networking sites T. C. Identification Number writing information such as phone number, name of child causes serious identity theft. With this method, fraudsters can profile defraud our people to seize the supplies of labor for credentials.
This method is known as phishing method used in fishing. Scams throws fishing line and wait for the target falls to the bait. page they are actually doing is so convincing that they give all the information required from them to these sites by the point at which there is no doubt that the internet is the fact that these pages are not the same people who want to take action. e.g.,

Example is a phishing method shown. In this method, customers will be waiting for the information of this page press the key information the author completely against the fact that the credit card debt and limits defined in this page has an e-mail address. This information goes to that email address. The suspects are here to shop until they exhausted the limits of the site do not want 3D safety with this information. Here we will be aware of issues such as page prepared interface and the same bank in the name of the site related to safety and does not have a phrase associated with the name. Does names available? Is it a form of extension com? and there ssl certificate? Attention should be paid to such matters. Also known whether the bank should be informed of the partners page and attention.

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