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Face and Body Waxing for Men

sdzIt is a significant increase in hair removal among Turkish men, most men back, cheekbones, it announced the removal of the neck and neck.

Is there any damage to the body laser hair removal?
rays are applied in laser hair removal only reach up to the middle skin. Spread to internal organs and under the skin is not in question. A laser beam is emitted beam. Only it affects only up to a certain depth in the shot region.

What is being done to avoid burning your skin?
Use cooling systems to avoid burning the skin. In the past, while providing cooling with cold gel that is currently producing cold air cooled skin surface with cryotherapy devices, so that it is protected from being damaged by the heat of the skin.

Does hair removal leaves traces?
Laser hair removal and skin right energies that make it appropriate to the type of energy used when absolutely does not leave a trace. Only the removal of about half that redness or erythema can occur in an hour lost. Bronze skin is necessary to make the application. Tan application time where white spots may occur lost about 6 months.

Does hair removal is going to hurt when it comes to me?
Laser hair removal on and I should not coincide. In particular, a laser beam can cause structural changes in the dark I am, I’m still on the burn-scarring may occur.

Men’s making hair removal, most of which region?
Men most back, cheekbone above, makes two epilation neck and neck area. Today, a significant increase in the number of men who present epilation.

Pay attention to what is in the genital area hair removal?
Among the public, there is a belief that it was harmful to the hair removal done in the genital area. This is not true. Genitals thrown laser beam is also lower than the middle skin can not proceed. Therefore it ovaries, affecting the uterus, making infertility is certainly not in question.

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