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An Interesting Fish With Human Teeth!

thiSaltwater and freshwater fish are split. Saltwater fish can often be much more scaly while it appears scaleless freshwater fish. Pacu fish in different sizes and it’s also the most diverse fish from the fresh and salt water fish olaru with different images.

Unlike other fish, the external appearance of the mouth and teeth of a fish tank structure very similar characteristics also varied with remarkable resemblance to human teeth. Pacu fish which is quite a different kind been seen in the river in our country and in South America Frequently seen.

The sex discrimination Pacu fish reproduction in time can vary. Pacu fish piranha fish sometimes likened to the external structure and is known as a peaceful herbivorous fish. The aquarium is also not suitable to live Pacu fish can grow quite a lot.

Latin name Colosso to macropom which is the first aspect of my teeth in the mouth attention of freshwater fish. Pacu fish are known to be harmless, you also can move the middle and the bottom surface swimming level. Pacu fish give horror as the structure of the mouth can grow up to 1 meter.

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