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Learn More About Cancer

kljkljWith one sentence in an uncontrolled proliferation of cancer cells in the body is a disease occurring. The cells are not a complete unknown reason, it begins to divide uncontrollably. So bad is composed of subunits consisting of cell proliferation in the body and are called cancer.

depending on the tissue where the cancer is a disease that occurs more than one hundred varieties. Cancers are classified depending on the organs they begin the first of tumors. For example, it is called first occurs in the lung cancer Lung Cancer.

Cancer cells reaching tissue in the vicinity, it spreads to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph system. In metastasis (spread) is called. Treatment of metastatic cancer is generally more difficult. If cancer is diagnosed early it can be a completely curable disease.

What causes cancer?

Environmental and can be divided into internal reasons. Environmental factors (chemical, radiation, such as viruses) and internal factors (hormonal, immune disorders, such as genetic mutations and other genetic factors) together or in sequence can cause cancer over many years by affecting the cell.

Which is cancer in the body?

Cancer is not one disease, may develop cancer in all tissues and organs in the body.

‘Benign’ and ‘malignant’ tumor What does it mean?

Benign tumors are not cancer. Another area to be spread. When completely removed usually they do not grow back. The malignant tumors or cancer has spread to adjacent organs and tissues such as the spread to distant organs via the lymph and blood. Metastases in distant organs to spread (spread) is called.

What should be done to prevent cancer?

60% of all cancers in adult cancer Taken together, 77% of cancers in children in the possible recovery. However, the type of disease, prevalence, some factors directly affect the chances of such therapy treatments.

Cancer of the lungs in organs, skin, tongue, lips, throat, stomach, large intestine, blood, bladder, breast and prostate are more likely to say that.

ways to avoid cancer:
• Avoid Cancer that factors: smoking, excess fat consumption, harmful rays, chemicals and so on.
• Eat a healthy diet, eat organic foods whenever possible.
• Perform regular physical exercise.
• Avoid taking excessive weight.
• Keep stressing factors in our lives.
• Avoid sunbathing.

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