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How does hot weather affect my heart!

sevgi - CopyAttention to the risk of a heart attack!
Studies reveal that increase the risk of death in the extreme heat of heart disease. Hot air fluid loss, changes in blood pressure, increased heart rate, which causes darkening of the blood and cholesterol increase. Therefore, people with chronic illnesses and must take the necessary precautions in extreme heat for the living as well as significant public health problem in healthy individuals. In hot weather people living heart complaints, consult a doctor after the holidays instead of leaving before the control is important.

10 recommendations extreme hot weather to protect the heart

1. In particular, should be avoided as much as possible out of the sun between 11.00-16.00 be effective.

2. Clothing and footwear selection should be appropriate to the season. Light color, clothing and air permeability of the sweat-absorbing property is preferable.

3. it must drink water from thirst during the day. In particular thirst symptoms are felt later than 50 years. Water will be a reminder to be always within sight.

4. need to exert extra power for the body to cool itself in hot. Exercise in hot weather, the sun under a closed area or not, should be done outdoors and cool in the morning. For example, light can be brisk walking, but should be frequently break.

5. It should be noted in particular the use of air conditioning. when the temperature is not very high, especially in the face of air conditioning run and entered the house should sit. Air conditioning is sufficient heat to 22-23 degrees.

6. People heart, blood pressure medication, or if taking diuretic drugs, are more difficult to cope with the temperature of the body. Fluid loss can be more, it may not be sufficiently accelerated heart beat, blood pressure may be too low. dose of these drugs.
It should be adjusted according to the season.

7. Alcohol, cigarettes and caffeinated beverages to avoid it. Alcohol can prevent the negative effects of hot feeling improves fluid loss. The diuretic effect of caffeine causes deepening of fluid loss.

8. headache, excessive sweating, cold sweats, fatigue, palpitations, often need to take a breath, dizziness, loss of self, nausea, vomiting, when faced with such symptoms to the nearest health center must be reached.

9. Instead of heavy and too hot dishes hot weather; lightweight, high fiber content and refreshing food should be preferred. The body must be very careful to not spend too much energy to weight gain.

Day 10 in showers can be short-term. When in extremely hot and must be made directly to shower with cold water to cool the water headfirst it should not be overlooked. Sea and entering the body slowly acclimated to the pool, swim the backstroke possible is important for health.

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